I have Cycle running a slideshow, which has prev/next graphics appear when the slideshow is hovered on. The cycle also has a vertical thumbnail pager. I wrapped the pager in a customised version of jCarousellite which puts an .activeSlide class on the active thumbnail and has it's own set of prev/next links.

All in all it's working pretty well and can be seen here:


However, I have one last hurdle...

When the prev/next graphics on the slideshow are clicked, I want to check if the newly .activeSlide is visible in the carousel and if not, make it so... and I could really do with some help.

To give an example, when you click on my link above you will see there are 8 thumbnails visible in the carousel. Thumbnail 1 is active. If I click on the next graphic on the slideshow, thumbnail 2 becomes active. click again and thumbnail 3 becomes active etc. All well and good until I click for the 8th time and thumbnail 9 becomes active - problem then is that thumbnail 9 is not visible in the carousel - and so at this point I would like some code to activate that would trigger the carousel and make thumbnail 9 visible. (triggering the next link on the carousel would work in this instance)

The solution also needs to deal with a situation like the page loading and the user immediately clicking the prev graphic on the slideshow - which shows the last slide. Triggering the prev link on the carousel would not work here - rather the next link would have to be triggered multiple times to make the active thumbnail visible.

I hope I have been clear - it's actually quite hard to explain what I want to happen but I think it will be pretty obvious when you click on my link above - easier to see than to describe!

I would really like to get this last bit working and would appreciate any help you can give.




// When clicking the cycle arrows
$('#slidecontrol a').click(function () {
    var activeSlide = $('div.jcarousellite li.activeSlide');

    // If the "activeSlide" in the jcarousel is not already visible
    if (!activeSlide.is(':visible')) {
        // If there are items ABOVE the active slide that are visible we need to go down
        if (activeSlide.prevAll('li:visible').length) {
            var clicker = $('div.nextlite').find('a');
        // Else we need to go up
        else {
            var clicker = $('div.prevlite').find('a');

        // Keep clicking untill it's visible
        while (!activeSlide.is(':visible')) {
  • Thanks - Looks good but not working unfortunately... spiritlevel.co.uk/cycletest/cycle_test3.html – Spirit Feb 21 '12 at 14:21
  • Yes, I noticed that. I tried it on your demo page using Chrome's developer tools. For some reason $('li.activeSlide').is(':visible') returns true even when it isn't actually visible. It seems jQuery doesn't consider an element :hidden just because it's outside it's parent element with overflow: hidden;. You could use the exakt same logic but swap the :visible bits with a hand made function that checks if an element is outside its parent. Or you could enhance the :visible selector to check for that too. – powerbuoy Feb 21 '12 at 14:27
  • Thanks powerbuoy - unfortunately both of those possibilities are probably a bit beyond my current capability. – Spirit Feb 21 '12 at 15:27
  • It should be pretty easy using offset(), width() and height(). Just calculate how large the containing element (div.jcarousellite) is and where it is located, then, based on where the child (li.activeSlide) is located you'll know if it's inside or outside its parent. I would recommend expanding the :visible-selector though (or creating a method) so as not to clutter the other code. – powerbuoy Feb 21 '12 at 15:30

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