I'm trying to set up SSL on Nginx. It doesn't work, and I am getting the following error in the error log, which is getting passed up from the OpenSSL library which nginx was compiled with. I don't know what that library is, but it's version 0.8.54 of nginx, and I installed it using apt-get on Ubuntu Linux.

2012/02/21 07:06:33 [emerg] 4071#0: 
SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey_file("/exequias/certs/exequias.com.key") failed (SSL: 
error:0906406D:PEM routines:PEM_def_callback:problems getting password error:
0906A068:PEM routines:PEM_do_header:bad password read error:140B0009:SSL routines:
SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey_file:PEM lib)

I have ensured that the file permissions on the private key file are not stopping nginx from reading it. It is an RSA private key, generated with openssl rsa.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

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Remove the key pass phrase:

openssl rsa -in key.pem -out newkey.pem

If the certificate and the key are together:

openssl rsa -in mycert.pem -out newcert.pem
openssl x509 -in mycert.pem >>newcert.pem

Source: http://www.madboa.com/geek/openssl/#key-removepass

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I got it... the private key file used with nginx must not have a passphrase. I removed the passphrase and it worked.

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    @CrossleSong ssh-keygen -t rsa and don't enter a passphrase to generate a key without passphrase. Mar 9, 2015 at 21:27

Because you generate the .crt file with a passphrase, so you need to specify the same passphrase for your .key and .crt file in Nginx conf like this

server {
    ssl_password_file /path-to-your-passphrase/ssl.pass;

See Nginx Doc

Or if you don't need the passphrase for your cert file, just use ssh-keygen tool to generate the file as following:

ssh-keygen -t rsa
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The question is a bit old now, and nginx actually supports passphrase asking at startup since at least version 1.2. But the issue is still relevant because this capability has been removed from debian in the latest release, version 8 with nginx 1.6. The reason is that passphrase input hasn't been implemented in the systemd script for nginx, while it has been for apache. Launching nginx manually simply works, and it's not too a problem since manual intervention is required anyway, there's no use of systemd here.

Reference: https://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,262900,262931#msg-262931

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