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I am using the jQuery dynatree along with the context menu found here. The issue I'm having is that I can't get the enable/disable of the context menu or individual items in the menu to work. The plugin says I should be able to do this:


but that doesn't work for me. Here's the menu:

 <!-- Definition of context menu -->
 <div id="contextMenu">
     <ul id="myMenu" class="contextMenu">
       <li class="resubmit"><a href="#resubmit">Resend</a></li>

The menu shows and works fine if I don't put any enable/disable, but there are cases where the menu item is not available so I need to be able to control its state. If I put in the enable/disable, the manu doesn't show at all.

Can anyone share how they got this to work?

UPDATE: I can only get the menu to show if I remove the DIV above. Then it will show, but enable/disable using "myMenu" does nothing...

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Try better investigate the Menu sample you have. And after you get the understanding how it works adjust this Menu in your project. – Dimi Feb 21 '12 at 16:31
Sorry - I've been back over the only information including an example that doesn't use enable/disable and I can't find anything to try. Have you done this before? If so, can you provide code example? Thx – Mark Feb 21 '12 at 17:37

Came across the same issue, you can actually disable the context menu trigger like:


And re-enable it with True. dynatree-title being the element the trigger is bound to.

Hope this helps anyone else who stumbles across this.

Context menu documentation

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I couldn't disable the menu itself, so I had to handle it after the item is selected:

switch( action ) 
    case "resubmit":
        //-- show verify dialog
      var selectedNode = $("#tree").dynatree("getActiveNode");
      if(selectedNode == null) 
      var parentTitle =;
      if( parentTitle == "Error" || parentTitle == "To Lab" || parentTitle == "From Lab" )
             alert("Invalid action '" + action + "' to node " + node);

I just check that the proper type node is selected to be able to take the action (look at parent, which is the containing folder).

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