I need to develop an application where I will have to match images for similarity.

  • Mostly these images will be of animals, and I need to match same animal if its already there in the DB.

What image processing libraries can I use to develop this? is there an opensource framework available to accomplish this?

At this point I am open to any language but Java would be preferable.

Thanks in advance! AJ

  • This is potentially an insanely hard problem. Could you post samples of images you intend to compare? – Rethunk Feb 23 '12 at 5:14
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JavaCV, the Java interface to OpenCV and a lot of other computer vision libraries is what you are looking for. OpenCV contains most of the basic computer vision building blocks you'd need for such a project.

ImageJ is often recommended in answers to similar questions here on SO.

On http://www.vlfeat.org/ you can find some popular, open source computer vision algorithms including HOG, SIFT, k-means, hierarchical k-means etc., while on http://koen.me/research/colordescriptors/ the binaries to compute color descriptors within an image, such as color histograms and color SIFT descriptor are provided.

Furthermore, in MediaMixer Deliverable D1.1.2 you can find useful information about the implementation of image descriptors on concept detection and image classification. For further information you can join the MediaMixer community portal on http://community.mediamixer.eu/.

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