I want to use GData API in my project for iOS I've followed official notes on how to add GData to project Static library was built successfully, I've added references to it and headers folder Than I put #import "GData.h into one of my source files and get following error while building project:libxml/tree.h : no such file or directory

In build settings - other linker flags I've specified -lxml2 (both for project and target) In header search paths - /usr/include/libxml2 (no misspellings, I've checked), both for project and target. "${SDKROOT}/usr/include/libxml2" also didn't help

Still get the same errors

Mac OS 10.6.6, Xcode 4.0 Build 4A304a, iOS SDK 4.3


Try this: Project target-->Build Setting-->Header Search Path, Debug mode, ${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/Headers

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