How does the Tridion GUI Extension config map the names to the JS file? For example, I am using Jaime's HelloWorld post with example files. The most important part feels to be the CommandSet section.

<cfg:commandset id="HelloWorldCM.Interface">   
  <cfg:command name="HelloWorldCM" implementation="Extensions.HW"/>

Can someone please help me understand the following attributes and how they map to the underlying .js file for the extension?

  • name
  • implementation
  • cfg:dependency

I have tried changing these things in both config and js file but how they are mapped is a mystery.

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The three attributes you mention are really all pointers that tie the whole extension together. If you look higher up in the Jamie's sample, you will see this:

    <ext:extension name="HelloWorldCMExtension" assignid="" insertbefore="cm_refresh">
        <cmenu:ContextMenuItem id="ext_HelloWorldCM" name="Hello World!" command="HelloWorldCM"/>
        <ext:view name="DashboardView"/>

This XML adds a button to the CME's context menu.

command="HelloWorldCM" refers to the command with the matching name attribute in the commandset

implementation="Extensions.HW" in the command set actually refers to the namespace in the accompanying HellowWorldCM.js file

cfg:dependency points to the top of the config file at the <cfg:group name="HelloWorldCM.Commandset" merger="Tridion.Web.UI.Core.Configuration.Resources.CommandGroupProcessor" merge="always"> node in order to know which CSS and JS to include.

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