I have some code in AppControler::beforeFilter()

$this->Auth->authorize      = array('Actions' => array('actionPath' => 'controllers'));
$this->Auth->loginAction    = array('controller' => 'users', 'action' => 'login');
$this->Auth->logoutRedirect = array('controller' => 'users', 'action' => 'login');

But the Auth does not redirect me to the users/login when I'm trying to load nonpublic action in browser. Instead it redirects me to the '/'. What I'm doing wrong?


It's probably because you have not granted permissions to the Login action in the users controller. Add this to the top of the users controller:

function beforeFilter(){

As a side note, the loginAction already defaults to /users/login. The same goes for the logoutRedirect. Try removing both as they are not really needed since you are already wanting it to go to the default location.


Have you included the component in the top of the AppController?

public $components = array('Auth');

The other thing to confirm is that you are not already logged in. If you are already logged in but have not granted permission to a specific action within a controller for logged in users, it can redirect as well.

  • I already have beforeFilter with $this->Auth->allow('login') in UsersController. And when I go to the 'users/login' I see the login page. – Igor Feb 22 '12 at 20:35
  • See my update above. – Chuck Burgess Feb 23 '12 at 3:31

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