I have a node which has two children: an HTML text and an HTML element.

<h1 id="Installation-blahblah">Installation on server<a href="#Installation-blah" class="wiki-anchor">&para;</a>

In this case the HTML text is:

Installation on server 

and the HTML element:

   <a href="#Installation-blah" class="wiki-anchor">anchor;</a>

I then create a node like this:

span_node = Nokogiri::HTML::Node.new('span',doc)
span_node['class'] = 'edit-section'

link_node = Nokogiri::HTML::Node.new('a',doc)
link_node['href'] = "/wiki/#{page_id}/#{@page.title}/edit?section=#{section_index}"
link_node['class'] = 'icon icon-edit'
link_node.content = 'mylink'


Now, to add the above node to the main node I use the following:


This appends the span node at the end. How can I put the span_node in front of all children?


Thanks Pesto for your almost correct solution.

The working solution is:


You can use NodeSet#before like this:


NodeSet#before is a short-cut method to insert an item as the first element. A more general-purpose solution is to use Node#before and Node#after. For example, some_node.before foo will add the node foo as the sibling directly before some_node. Node#after is similar. Note that this:


is thus equivalent to the solution above.

  • Unfortunately, this solution adds only the content (in my case the XML Text mylink) in front of the children. – Manuel Jun 3 '09 at 7:25
  • Works for me. Assuming there is at least one existing child. – Marc-André Lafortune Sep 7 '10 at 12:40

node.prepend_child span_node

Nokogiri::XML::Node#prepend_child Documentation

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