I'm merging some code and would like to save one diff to compare against another diff. (I'm in the dreaded diff-the-diff's scenario). Anyhow, the normal way I would do this would be to save to patch files and compare them to make sure the correct changes were applied.

Is there any way to get Araxis to generate a patch file for a diff I'm currently viewing?

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Those little pranksters at Araxis removed the File menu. Took me a few minutes to figure out that the Report button was now hidden in plain sight, in the middle of the top panel.

For the next wondering soul, a little hint:

The not-so-hidden report button placement

This gets you to the Reports dialog with its nice UNIX Diff option.

Well I think I found it. You have to go through the File menu:

File -> Report

In that dialog there is an option to get a unix diff... viola!

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