I'm writing a webapp that heavily uses the StackExchange API. I'm currently using OpenID authentication but given the only people that will use the site will be SE members, I've been wondering if there's a library for Django (or Python, in general) that can handle the login process for me.

I'm specifically thinking of something that slots into the process like the django_openid_auth project does.


Look at django-allauth. The supported authentication providers are:

  • Facebook (both OAuth2 and JS SDK)
  • Github
  • Google (OAuth2)
  • LinkedIn
  • OpenId
  • Persona
  • SoundCloud (OAuth2)
  • Stack Exchange (OAuth2)
  • Twitter

You can use django-allauth for signup/login process as it supports Stack Exchange OAuth2.

Since your app heavily uses StackExchange API, you should consider using Py-StackExchange along with django-allauth. Please have a look at FAQ and it's API support for StackExchange.


You have Py-StackExchange, perfect for using from Python. Check out the code at GitHub or its page at StackApps.

Added after Oli's comment

For managing login/registration there are some good working projects. You can read a good review of 4 of the most common libraries at hackerluddite. Django-social-auth and django-allauth are likely the most complete, stable and used.

  • Yeah it's fine but has nothing to do with authentication. – Oli Jan 9 '13 at 21:29
  • Yep. Sorry. I've added that on my answer. – inigomedina Jan 9 '13 at 23:01

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