Is there a code editor that will allow copying of syntax highlighting to an Office Document for Windows?

I want to be able to copy code into a Word doc or EMail and preserve the Formatting when explaing code changes.

I will need support for multiple languages including C, C++, TCL, Javascript, Basic, and couple others.

The ability to include the line numbers for reference purposes would be a nice additional feature. I had one customer that required all code to be submitted with line numbers in a Word or PDF document.


I used Notepad++ in the past. It has a plug-in called NppExport and I think it has everything you need. The catch is that you have to write/open your source files with Notepad++, then export them to rtf, open the rtf and copy the pretty-formatted text to your doc file. Here is the link to Notepad++ and to a good article to get you started with NppExport plugin.

  • These days you can copy formatted code to the clipboard and then paste in Word. – Sarel Botha Feb 23 '12 at 23:03
  • I would have preferred direct copy and pasting but that works... – NoMoreZealots Mar 25 '12 at 22:29

Visual Studio (2010 Professional) "works fine" for copying code and formatting/coloring to MS Word (2010) and Outlook (2010)*. It supports at least C/C++/C#, and JavaScript code. It might support TCL/BASIC (it does support VB/VB.NET), but I do not use those languages. And, of course, VS is a full-blown IDE.

Visual Studio 2010 Express is free (as in beer). But as my company pays for my copy, I can only hope the copy'n'paste support works in Express as well ;-) In any case, it might be worth a try.

I am not sure if line-numbers can be exported via copy'n'paste, but I sort of doubt it. It's not a use-case I've run into.

Personally, I'd recommend doing the review via a SCM/code-review process and not manually, which just sounds like a nightmare. There are additional advantages of using tooling designed for this purpose including history management and talking about what really is, or could be (in relation to what was), and not a copy of what might have been.

Happy coding.

*After pasting into Microsoft Word, disable the "Add space after every paragraph" option to remove what appears to be blank lines from the pasted code.


Eclipse will do fine if you install the language support for all the wanted languages.

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