I have an options JPanel which consists of 3 jpanels (which hold a JLabel and JRadio buttons). The 3 sub JPanels have the default layout.

The options panel has a BoxLayout on the Y Axis.

I then have the main gui which is a JFrame with a topPanel (using BorderLayout) which adds the options panel to itself using BorderLayout WEST.

My problem is that the options panel is stretched and the labels are center aligned.

Here is a image of what I mean. I have what's on the left but want whats on the right. enter image description here

  • For better help sooner, post an SSCCE. Note that any panel in a BorderLayout will be stretched vertically (EAST/WEST) or horizontally (NORTH/SOUTH) or both (CENTER) to fill the available space. One way to constrain them, is to add them to the 'opposite alignment' panel. E.G. something in WEST might be added to the NORTH of a constraining panel to compact it upwards. Of course, there are some who hear this type of advice who add - 'or use a powerful layout manager'. I'll leave it to them to flesh out that advice. ;) – Andrew Thompson Feb 24 '12 at 0:26

Have you tried MigLayout? It is by far the most flexible and powerful Layout manager for swing/swt.

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