Is there a way to disable escape characters in a MySQL query? For example, for the following table:

mysql> select * from test1;
| name                   | value |
| C:\\media\data\temp\   |     1 |
| C:\\media\data\temp    |     2 |
| /unix/media/data/temp  |     3 |
| /unix/media/data/temp/ |     4 |

I want the following to be a valid query:

mysql> select * from test1 where name='C:\\media\data\temp\';

I know that I can instead use

mysql> select * from test1 where name='C:\\\\media\\data\\temp\\';

But I am building this query using my_snprintf(), so there instead I have to use


...and so on! Is there a way to disable escape characters for a single MySQL query ?


You can disable backslash escapes by setting NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES in the SQL mode:

-- save mode & disable backslashes
SET @old_sql_mode=@@sql_mode;
SET @@sql_mode=CONCAT_WS(',', @@sql_mode, 'NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES');

-- run the query
SELECT 'C:\\media\data\temp\';

-- enable backslashes
SET @@sql_mode=@old_sql_mode;

For tabular output in MySQL command line, the “boxing” around columns enables one column value to be distinguished from another. For non-tabular output (such as is produced in batch mode or when the --batch or --silent option is given), special characters are escaped in the output so they can be identified easily. Newline, tab, NUL, and backslash are written as \n, \t, \0, and \. The --raw option disables this character escaping.

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