Users can access others users profiles like this:


My find method in my users controller will find the user by their username.. now if the user doesn't exist I want them re-directed to a custom 404 error page I'll make.

I also want them re-directed for any other non-existant url's they type in.

I've found some solutions on google but wondering if someone can give me an up to date example of doing this in rails 3.2 as theses tutorials I've found are pre rails 3.1.

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I tried this solution with Rails 3.2 and it just works.


  1. In your config/application.rb

    config.exceptions_app = self.routes
  2. In your config/routes.rb

    get '/404', to: 'errors#not_found'
    get '/500', to: 'errors#server_error'
  3. Create app/controllers/errors_controller.rb

    class ErrorsController < ApplicationController
      def not_found
        render status: 404
      def server_error
        render status: 500
  4. Create app/views/errors/not_found.html.haml and app/views/errors/server_error.html.haml (replace haml by erb if you do not use haml)

  5. Restart your server


In production an ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound exception will automatically render your public/404.html file.

  • What if I wish to see this in development mode? how would I handle that?
    – LondonGuy
    Feb 24, 2012 at 23:44
  • Are you asking how to simply see your 404 page in general? Http://localhost:3000/404.html
    – James
    Feb 25, 2012 at 0:20
  • Yep, I'd like to be as close to the experience my users will have as possible but all in development mode. So seeing 404 pages when a bad URL is typed in is a must.
    – LondonGuy
    Feb 25, 2012 at 0:33

you can always render template 404 along with status code when record is not found or invalid URL entered

render :template => 'public/404.html', :status => 404

Here is the blog for "custom dynamic error pages in ruby on rails" will help you

custom dynamic error pages in ruby on rails


isnt it just in /public/404.html ?


Actually im pretty sure it is, that the same exact 404 page that comes up while running my page on nginx in production mode.

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