Is there an option like --author of git-commit for git-merge?

We maintain a staging environment where some changes must be performed. Some limitations make us to use only one linux user to access staging environment.

Anyway, we are a small team with cooperative initiative and we tell when doing commits, which one is the author using the --author git-commit option. However, some times we need to merge from other branches which result in a non-ff merge. This implies a commit is performed when doing this merge.

Which would be the best way to specify the author manually for the merge commit in this case?


First, prevent the merge from creating the commit:

git merge --no-commit …

Then, do the commit manually:

git commit --author="A. U. Thor <au@th.or>"

You can --amend the authorship afterwards if you already did the merge. like that:

git checkout master
git merge my_branch
git commit --amend --author="My Nick <my.adress@email.com>"
git push origin master

This works as desired and adds the specified author to the merge commit. No magic. :)

  • I feel like your answer was the most complete here, although it does imply that the --amend is necessary, when it isn't strictly. – TheMonarch Jun 14 '17 at 22:57
  • It's not? git merge creates a commit and to change the author of that commit you have to git commit --amend. – Afr Jun 15 '17 at 8:59
  • This is not always correct, if the merge was a fast forward no commit would be created, and as so the amend would try to amend the latest commit. – JCM Nov 14 '18 at 14:01

Try git merge --no-commit ... and then git commit --author ...


An alternative could be to set the GIT_AUTHOR_NAME and GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL environment variables:

GIT_AUTHOR_NAME="A. U. Thor" GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL="au@th.or" git merge ...
  • This works great... I have no idea why you were downvoted. – Gerry Jul 17 '18 at 2:04

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