I have this code that basically writes to a file 5 times using IO completion ports. As you've guessed, it doesn't work very well. The issue is that I expect "hello" to be written to the file 5 times but it always ends up writing only one "hello". I'm confused because the program prints "wrote 5 bytes" 5 times so I assume that the writes are completing ok.

Can anyone see a problem with this?

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>

#define IOCP_NOMORE 3
#define IOCP_WRITE 1

HANDLE hWriteIoCp;

typedef struct _OVERLAPIOINFO {
    OVERLAPPED overlapped;
    HANDLE hFile;

HANDLE CreateNewCompletionPort()
    return CreateIoCompletionPort(INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE, NULL, 0, 0);

BOOL AssociateFileCompletionPort(HANDLE hIoPort, HANDLE hFile, DWORD completionKey)
    HANDLE h = CreateIoCompletionPort(hFile, hIoPort, completionKey, 0);
    return h == hIoPort;

DWORD WINAPI SaveFileWorkerThread(void *empty)
    ULONG_PTR completionKey;
    BOOL completionStatus;
    DWORD bytesTransferred;
    DWORD err;
    OVERLAPPED *overlap;

    for (;;)
        completionStatus = GetQueuedCompletionStatus(hWriteIoCp, &bytesTransferred, &completionKey, &overlap, INFINITE);
        err = GetLastError();

        if (completionStatus) 
            case IOCP_WRITE:
                fprintf(stderr, "wrote %d bytes\n", bytesTransferred);

            case IOCP_NOMORE:
                fprintf(stderr, "done!");
                info = (OVERLAPIOINFO *) overlap;

            if (overlap != NULL) 
                fprintf(stderr, "overlap not null");
                if (err != WAIT_TIMEOUT)
                    fprintf(stderr, "timeout");


int main()
    HANDLE hSaveFile;
    OVERLAPIOINFO *saveFileOverlap;
    char buf[] = "hello";

    hWriteIoCp = CreateNewCompletionPort();
    CreateThread(NULL, 0, SaveFileWorkerThread, NULL, 0, NULL);

    if ((hSaveFile = CreateFileA("C:\\received.txt", GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE, 0, NULL, 
        fprintf(stderr, "unable to create file\n");

    saveFileOverlap = (OVERLAPIOINFO *) malloc(sizeof(*saveFileOverlap));
    memset(&(saveFileOverlap->overlapped), 0, sizeof(saveFileOverlap->overlapped));
    saveFileOverlap->hFile = hSaveFile;
    AssociateFileCompletionPort(hWriteIoCp, saveFileOverlap->hFile, IOCP_WRITE);

    for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
        if (!WriteFile(saveFileOverlap->hFile, buf, strlen(buf), NULL, &(saveFileOverlap->overlapped)))
            if (GetLastError() != ERROR_IO_PENDING)
                fprintf(stderr, "error writing file\n");

    PostQueuedCompletionStatus(hWriteIoCp, 0, IOCP_NOMORE, &(saveFileOverlap->overlapped));


you write 5 times to the file but always to position 0 - you need to set the offset as part of the lpOVERLAPPED parameter.

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    You are also using the same OVERLAPPED structure for all five I/O operations, which means that all the results will collide with each other. Each operation should use a different OVERLAPPED structure. – Raymond Chen Feb 26 '12 at 11:32

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