How to render prawn pdf as attachment in ActionMailer? I use delayed_job and don't understand, how could I render pdf-file in action mailer (not in controller). What format should I use?

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You just need to tell Prawn to render the PDF to a string, and then add that as an attachment to the email. See the ActionMailer docs for details on attachments.

Here's an example:

class ReportPdf
  def initialize(report)
    @report = report

  def render
    doc = Prawn::Document.new

    # Draw some stuff...
    doc.draw_text @report.title, :at => [100, 100], :size => 32

    # Return the PDF, rendered to a string

class MyPdfMailer < ActionMailer::Base
  def report(report_id, recipient_email)
    report = Report.find(report_id)

    report_pdf_view = ReportPdf.new(report)

    report_pdf_content = report_pdf_view.render()

    attachments['report.pdf'] = {
      mime_type: 'application/pdf',
      content: report_pdf_content
    mail(:to => recipient_email, :subject => "Your report is attached")
  • I already have views/invoices/show.pdf.prawn. InvoicesController renders it successfully. I tried to render it using render_to_string in mailer and got corrupt PDF. How to render this existing view file? May be I need to specify :type or format for render_to_string.
    – maxs
    Feb 28, 2012 at 8:22

I followed the RailsCasts for PRAWN. Taken what has already been said and what I was trying to similarly accomplish, I set the attachment name and then created the PDF.


 def invoice_email(invoice)
    @invoice = invoice
    @user = @invoice.user
    attachments["#{@invoice.id}.pdf"] = InvoicePdf.new(@invoice, view_context).render
    mail(:to => @invoice.user.email,
         :subject => "Invoice # #{@invoice.id}")

My solution:

render_to_string('invoices/show.pdf', :type => :prawn)

PDF was corrupted because I didn't write block for mail function and multi-part email was incorrect.

  • This solution doesn't work in Rails 5.x I get undefined method response' for #<PicksheetMailer:0x007fcfa506f258> Did you mean? response_body' when I tried to render a prawn template using ` attachments["customer_order_#{@order.order_number}.pdf"] = render_to_string('picksheet/send_picksheet.pdf', :type => :prawn)` So it seems that prawn is expecting to write to a response which doesn't exist inside ActionMailer
    – John Small
    Aug 28, 2018 at 13:52

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