I'm trying to stream the file from file system to browser and cant get it to work properly. I have a xpage with rendered=false and on afterRenderResponse I have the following code:

XspHttpServletResponse  response = (XspHttpServletResponse) getFacesContext().getExternalContext().getResponse();


File file = new File("path to file");
FileInputStream fileIn = new FileInputStream(file);
ServletOutputStream out = response.getOutputStream();
etc. .....

Now when I try to open xpage I'm getting the error message as this on console:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't get an OutputStream while a Writer is already in use
       at com.ibm.xsp.webapp.XspHttpServletResponse.getOutputStream(XspHttpServletResponse.java:548)

The method 'response.getOutputStream()' raises such error so I cant get output stream to work. Is there anyone having experience with this? I'm simply trying to implement the download service so I can stream files from server file system back to browser.

  • Could you post the whole source code of your xagent. Thanks in advance! – Georg Kastenhofer Mar 20 at 11:00
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You can call the facesContext.getOutputStream() in the beforeRenderResponse and NOT from afterRenderResponse.

Refer to the below links for more help:



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    beforeRenderResponse event solved the issue!!! I have read docs more carefully next time .... – David Marko Feb 27 '12 at 18:58
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    Please mark the question as answered. :) – Naveen Feb 28 '12 at 2:33
  • Thx for quoting me :-) – stwissel Feb 28 '12 at 7:12
  • @stwissel: Actually, thank you.. :) – Naveen Feb 28 '12 at 10:05

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