I'm working on a project that will use an AMD GPU for processing data. I noticed AMD has two different SDKs available on their website for using the GPU: ATI Stream Technology and OpenCL™ and the AMD APP SDK. It looks like both support OpenCL but I haven't found anything on the site explicitly pointing out why one would use one over the other. What's the difference between these two?

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The AMD APP SDK is here: http://developer.amd.com/sdks/AMDAPPSDK/Pages/default.aspx

The website should also answer your question about the difference between Stream and APP:

AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) SDK (formerly ATI Stream)

It used to be called AMD Stream SDK, they probably renamed it after adding support for non-Firestream hardware (namely OpenCL)

stream is the higher level amd-specific project (hardware and software) that includes opencl as the current software implementation. stream originally used the "brook" language, but switched to opencl in 2011. since then opencl became more popular (because it is a cross-platform standard that has been particularly well supported by apple) and these days amd doesn't seem to mention stream much. you can see this in a link like http://www.amd.com/us/products/technologies/stream-technology/opencl/pages/opencl.aspx where opencl is a "child" of stream (or the menu on the left of that page, where the higher level group is stream; other children are related to hardware).

in short, you want opencl. and despite the confusing mess that is amd's site, their opencl implementation is pretty solid.

hmmm. re-reading your question you seem to say there are two separate sdks. do you actually drill down to two different packages? my understanding is that opencl is the stream sdk. if you have found two different sdks (that are both current) can you link to them?

  • I haven't drilled down yet; I stopped when I saw the two different SDKs. The more I read, the less I knew. Before I grabbed these I wanted to see if someone had some insight into them. Unfortunately, AMD's site didn't help differentiate them. – dwj Feb 27 '12 at 23:52

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