This is the ASP.NET snippet:

<ext:TreePanel ID="tpPanel" runat="server" UseArrows="true" Width="220">       

And this is the C# code behind it:

tpPanel.Root.Add(this.CreateNode(SiteMap.RootNode, user.IsAdmin, user.UserPrivilege));

The CreateNode is our internal method. What I'd like to do is to load different sitemaps depending on user setting, like this:

if(userID == 1)
    tpPanel.Root.Add(this.CreateNode(<<sitemap1object>>, user.IsAdmin, user.UserPrivilege));
    tpPanel.Root.Add(this.CreateNode(<<sitemap2object>>, user.IsAdmin, user.UserPrivilege));

I have the sitemaps in XML in Web.sitemap_1 and Web.sitemap_2 files. The first argument to CreateNode is a SiteMapNode object that points to the site map, but what I have here only points to the default map. I want to do this using the SiteMapNode Constructor (SiteMapProvider, String) constructor, but I have no idea how to get a SiteMapProvider from a string that's the location of the XML file.

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