I have some GPS position recordings, which I want to draw into a map (e.g. OpenStreetMap) and save this as an image file.

I'm using python. I've found osm-gps-map as a candidate library to do the visualization, but apparantly the API lacks some functionality to satisfy all of my needs. What I need is a library that does:

  • draw stuff into a map (e.g. an OSM-based map), i.e. a list of GPS positions.
  • automatically adjust view (scale/position) to fit in all drawn positions
  • save this view to an image file

I seriously want to avoid being forced to manually make a screenshot from a widget or a browser window. And if possible I also want to avoid to implement the necessary projection functionality by myself (as in here). Does anyone know a library/toolchain that provides the desired functionality (if possible for use by Python)?


You may want to consider using Basemap for matplotlib. Here is a blog post describing how to use this package with OSM.


There are examples of how to draw custom GPS points on top of OSM background map using Matplotlib Basemap, Matplotlib or Cairo in GeoTiler project: https://github.com/wrobell/geotiler/tree/master/examples.

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