Let's say I want to see how "copy" is implemented in the Dictionary class. Currently I use the system browser and manually traverse the inheritance hierarchy (bottom up) until I find the class that implements the given message. Is there a one-liner for the workspace, that would open the system browser at the right location?

( SomeClass whichClassIncludesSelector: #initialize ) browse

That will browse the class that implements the message #initialize.


Personally, I just type the #selector in a workspace, highlight it, and hit alt+m to pull up all implementors of the message. Much faster than typing all that code.


(SomeClass>>#someSelector) browse

works as well in my Pharo image.

works as well in my Pharo image. And since you want to find a class first, you can combine it with previous example..

((SomeSubclass whichClassIncludesSelector: #someSelector)>>#someSelector) browse

to directly go to given method.


If you are using OmniBrowser, you can use the contextual menu Implementors in Hierarchy... to only browse the implementors of a selector in the hierarchy of the Dictionary.

OmniBrowser also provides an Inheritance Browser. Select any implementation of #copy and click on the Inheritance button in the toolbar. It will show you a hierarchical view of all implementors of #copy.

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