First of all: Yes, monkey patching is bad, I'm feeling like a sinner already. But in this case I haven't found another solution.


Engine 1 (Alchemy-CMS): Provides a page model that contains several elements.

Engine 2 (my Alchemy-Contentable): Should provide a way to bind these elements to any resource (=model) you like.

Purpose is to give the resource cms-capabilities like Alchemy has, that means adding elements like headings, paragraphs, pictures, videos...

On the "page-layer" everything is fine. I created a mixin for a model that identifies itself as contentable towards the element.

I want to stay as close as possible to alchemy and therefore inheriting from element is not an option (new database-table, new associated models...). So monkey patching seems adequate here (still hacky, but I'm fine with it this time I guess).


How do I successfully monkey-patch one engine's classes from another engine? When I try to reopen classes as usual it complains not to find the constant. Probably this is due to lazy loading of classes.

What works is:

config.after_initialize do
  Alchemy::Admin::ElementsController.send(:include, AlchemyContentable::ElementsControllerMixin)
  Alchemy::Admin::ElementsController.send(:before_filter, :load_contentable_to_page, :only => [:index, :new, :create])

but this seems to be error prone, especially when accessing a newly defined message from a mixin (like Alchemy::Element.my_new_method in model_mixin, which is included in your app's model)

Has someone had a situation like this before? Any ways out? At least a 'reliable' way to create and overwrite some methods in the engine's classes and to call them inside a mixin?

  • Ok, just after sending the question I found stackoverflow.com/questions/2964050/…. I didn't think it would help a lot before, as it is about extending from the main app. But after reading it again, this seems to work: require Alchemy::Engine.root.join('app', 'models', 'alchemy', 'element') class Alchemy::Element def self.mymethod 'anything' end end Can anyone confirm that this is a good idea? – Marc Feb 29 '12 at 6:01
  • Ok, not a good idea... It works fine if the class has no dependencies, otherwise they of course has to be required, too. Doesn't seem to be the best way, though... – Marc Feb 29 '12 at 6:17
  • I know this a while later .. but what did you end up doing to get the problem solved? Did you try out using polymorphic relationships to get this accomplished by any chance ? – ashoda Dec 20 '12 at 1:11

A solution is to monkey-patch the Alchemy::Page model in the following fashion:

require File.expand_path('../../app/models/alchemy/page', Alchemy::Engine.called_from)

module Alchemy

  class Page < BaseRecord

    # Your code goes here...


Note the require statement which will ensure that the original class is extended and not overwritten by your file.

See this blog post for more context.

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