RavenDB supports Patching via its PatchAPI. This is great but I am having a problem when I want to patching a large set.

The Scenario

  • I have removed a property from my User entity
  • I want to patch all existing Users to reflect this change
  • The PatchAPI demands that I know in advance all of the User Ids
  • Therefore I need to fetch all of the Ids of all of the Users
  • But RavenDB imposes a limit on the number of items it returns
  • This limit can be increased using the .Take(x) clause
  • But I don't know the value of 'x'
  • So I guess and make x = a-really-big-value and all is well - right?

This guessing and hoping smells of fish to me so I strongly suspect I have missed something obvious.

The Question

How do I fetch the complete set of ids of a given type without fore-knowledge of the set-size ?


How do I patch a complete set based on the Type with no restrictions on the count.



You can use RavenDB Set Based updates, see here for details: http://ayende.com/blog/4535/set-based-operations-with-ravendb

  • Thanks. Set based approach certainly works. However I was hoping to use the standard LINQ syntax style to say the equivalent of 'GetAll', for when you have small sets that do not justify the set-based approach but never-the-less may, one day, have more than 255 members. Is the only way to account for future-set-growth to junk the standard syntax and go for the set-based approach? – biofractal Mar 13 '12 at 13:11

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