Are there any good WPF focused blogs and/or podcasts out there?

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Jaime Rodriguez, a WPF Technical Evangelist at Microsoft (you'll see him on a handful of Channel 9 videos), maintains a pretty exhaustive list of WPF bloggers, broken down into Microsoft and non-Microsoft. Right now, it's 79 blogs long, and includes every major high-quality WPF blog I can think of.


My favorite WPF blog has to be Bea Stollnitz's. I've found it very useful on numerous occasions.

  • +1 from me. Too bad she doesn't update it anymore... – Cameron MacFarland Jun 5 '09 at 5:26

Sacha Barber has some great WPF stuff. He's very well respected in the Code Project community (has won many awards and is a multiple C# MVP). You can find many of his WPF articles here.


.NET Rocks! has some excellent WPF podcasts, just look through their previous shows.


I like to visit WPF WTFs after a long day of trying to get WPF to do what I want.

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