I need to get .hex file from eclipse c++ compiler. I received only .elf file. Eventually, I should write that binary code into controller which can adopt only binary code.

I converted the .elf file to binary file using an utility, but it's not the way.

Oh, I forgot to say that I used atollic truestudio.

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First of all Elf is "binary" file (you probably mean compiled executable). You can load that to controller using jtag/debugger. With GNU toolchain you can use objcopy to convert .elf to raw binary. Objcopy can be added as another compilation step in Eclipse/cdt, but probably your IDE provider should do this (check if there is no option to enable this already there).


For Intel 32 bit Hex: fromelf -i32 Main.axf > Main.i32

For Motorola 32 bit hex: fromelf -m32 Main.axf > Main.m32

For Verilog byte oriented hex format: fromelf -vhx Main.axf > Main.vhx

For plain binary: fromelf -bin Main.axf > Main.bin


For Eclipse(based) C/C++ IDE you can set "Output format" under Project -> Properies window in C/C++ Build > Settings

[x] Convert build output

Where you can select "Inter hex" or "bin"

Pics for similar setting see mcuoneclipse blog.

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