I have the following function

ALTER FUNCTION [dbo].[ActualWeightDIMS]
    -- Add the parameters for the function here
    @ActualWeight int,
    @Actual_Dims_Lenght int,
    @Actual_Dims_Width int,
    @Actual_Dims_Height int
RETURNS varchar(50)

DECLARE @ActualWeightDIMS varchar(50);
--Actual Weight
     IF (@ActualWeight is not null) 
          SET @ActualWeightDIMS = @ActualWeight;
--Actual DIMS
     IF (@Actual_Dims_Lenght is not null) AND 
          (@Actual_Dims_Width is not null) AND (@Actual_Dims_Height is not null)
          SET @ActualWeightDIMS= @Actual_Dims_Lenght + 'x' + @Actual_Dims_Width + 'x' + @Actual_Dims_Height;



but when i tried to use it, i got the following error "Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'x' to data type int." when i use the following select statement

 BA_Adjustment_Detail.ID_Number [ID_Number],
 BA_Adjustment_Detail.Submit_Date [Submit_Date],
 BA_Category.Category [category],
 BA_Type_Of_Request.Request [Type_Of_Request],
 dbo.ActualWeightDIMS(BA_Adjustment_Detail.ActualWeight,BA_Adjustment_Detail.Actual_Dims_Lenght,BA_Adjustment_Detail.Actual_Dims_Width,BA_Adjustment_Detail.Actual_Dims_Height) [Actual Weight/DIMS],
 BA_Adjustment_Detail.Notes [Notes],
 BA_Adjustment_Detail.UPSCustomerNo [UPSNo],
 BA_Adjustment_Detail.TrackingNo [AirbillNo],
 BA_Adjustment_Detail.StoreNo [StoreNo],
 BA_Adjustment_Detail.Download_Date [Download_Date],
 BA_Adjustment_Detail.FranchiseNo [FranchiseNo],
 BA_Adjustment_Detail.CustomerNo [CustomerNo],
 BA_Adjustment_Detail.BillTo [BillTo],
 BA_Adjustment_Detail.Adjustment_Amount_Requested [Adjustment_Amount_Requested]
from BA_Adjustment_Detail
inner join BA_Category 
on BA_Category.ID = BA_Adjustment_Detail.CategoryID
inner join BA_Type_Of_Request
on BA_Type_Of_Request.ID = BA_Adjustment_Detail.TypeOfRequestID

What I want to do is if the ActualWeight is not null then return the ActualWeight for the "Actual Weight/DIMS" or else use the Actual_Dims_Lenght, Width and Height.

If it is DIMS then i want to format the output to be LenghtxWidhtxHeight (15x10x4). The ActualWeight, Adcutal_Dims_Lenght, Width and Height are all int (integer) value but the output for "Actual Weight/DIMS" should be varchar(50).

Where am i getting it wrong?


edit: The user can only pick either Weight or DIMS on ASP.net page and if user selected DIMS then they must supply Length, Width and Height. Else it will throw error on the ASP.net page. Should i worry about it on the sql side?

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A couple of quick notes:

  • It's "length" not "lenght"
  • Table aliases in your query would probably make it a lot more readable

Now onto the problem...

You need to explicitly convert your parameters to VARCHAR before trying to concatenate them. When SQL Server sees @my_int + 'X' it thinks you're trying to add the number "X" to @my_int and it can't do that. Instead try:

SET @ActualWeightDIMS =
     CAST(@Actual_Dims_Lenght AS VARCHAR(16)) + 'x' +
     CAST(@Actual_Dims_Width  AS VARCHAR(16)) + 'x' +
     CAST(@Actual_Dims_Height  AS VARCHAR(16))

If you are using SQL Server 2012+ you can use CONCAT function in which we don't have to do any explicit conversion

SET @ActualWeightDIMS = Concat(@Actual_Dims_Lenght, 'x', @Actual_Dims_Width, 'x' 
                        , @Actual_Dims_Height) 
  • I have come across some claims that CONCAT() performs faster than CAST(). Reliable sources of performance studies would be useful. – Codes with Hammer Jun 14 '18 at 12:42
  • I wouldn't be surprised if it was measurable in a benchmark, but I would be very surprised if it made any impact in normal queries. You'd have to have an enormous number of casts to drown out the normal operating time. – SilverbackNet Mar 1 at 16:46

Change this:

SET @ActualWeightDIMS= @Actual_Dims_Lenght + 'x' + 
    @Actual_Dims_Width + 'x' + @Actual_Dims_Height;

To this:

SET @ActualWeightDIMS= CAST(@Actual_Dims_Lenght as varchar(3)) + 'x' + 
    CAST(@Actual_Dims_Width as varchar(3)) + 'x' + 
    CAST(@Actual_Dims_Height as varchar(3));

Change this:

SET @ActualWeightDIMS = @ActualWeight;

To this:

SET @ActualWeightDIMS = CAST(@ActualWeight as varchar(50));

You need to use CAST. Learn all about CAST and CONVERT here, because data types are important!

select 'abcd' + ltrim(str(1)) + ltrim(str(2))
  • 5
    I don't understand how this addresses the question. – Codes with Hammer Jun 14 '18 at 12:42

You must cast your integers as string when trying to concatenate them into a varchar.


 SELECT  @ActualWeightDIMS = CAST(@Actual_Dims_Lenght AS varchar(10)) 
                              + 'x' + 
                             CAST(@Actual_Dims_Width as varchar(10)) 
                             + 'x' + CAST(@Actual_Dims_Height as varchar(10));

In SQL Server 2008, you can use the STR function:

   SELECT  @ActualWeightDIMS = STR(@Actual_Dims_Lenght) 
                              + 'x' + STR(@Actual_Dims_Width) 
                              + 'x' + STR(@Actual_Dims_Height);
  • 1
    The STR function by default pads the number to 10 characters so it adds loads of spaces. e.g. STR(1) gives me 9 spaces followed by 1. CAST actually works better. – Tahir Hassan Nov 5 '12 at 11:05

Cast the integers to varchar first!

  • Exactly. The string 'x' completely hammers the pointless int decls; there is no arithmetic in the UDF. – bvj Jul 18 '14 at 6:25

You need to CAST your numeric data to strings before you do string concatenation, so for example use CAST(@Actual_Dims_Lenght AS VARCHAR) instead of just @Actual_Dims_Lenght, &c.


I was tried the below query it's works for me exactly

 with cte as(

   select ROW_NUMBER() over (order by repairid) as'RN', [RepairProductId] from [Ws_RepairList]
  update CTE set [RepairProductId]= ISNULL([RepairProductId]+convert(nvarchar(10),RN),0) from cte

Try casting the ints to varchar, before adding them to a string:

SET @ActualWeightDIMS = cast(@Actual_Dims_Lenght as varchar(8)) + 
   'x' + cast(@Actual_Dims_Width as varchar(8)) + 
   'x' + cast(@Actual_Dims_Height as varhcar(8))

There are chances that you might end up with Scientific Number when you convert Integer to Str... safer way is

SET @ActualWeightDIMS = STR(@Actual_Dims_Width); OR Select STR(@Actual_Dims_Width) + str(@Actual_Dims_Width)

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