I have a proper newbie SEAM question, I want to redirect the user to a different page from a backing bean

I know in most cases you should use pages.xml however there could be a number of different pages depending on the bean logic so it seems like it should be a lot easier to do from the bean.

I cant see any examples of people doing this so Im guessing there is a reason why, Maybe something like this would work??...

ExternalContext ec = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext();
((HttpServletRequest) ec.redirect("http://example.com/");

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You can use the Redirect component:

public class YourBean {

  Redirect redirect;

  public void yourMethod() {
     redirect.setParameter("someParam", "someValue");

Or going with FacesManager:

FacesManager.instance().redirect("/someView.xhtml", paramMap,
  conversationPropagationEnabled, includePageParams);

These only work for other JSF views (ie .xhtml). If you just want an arbitrary URL, you can use the FacesContext as you mentioned in your question.


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