I have Table with Field

id | Customer | Currency Type | Sales Amt | Date
1  | ClientA  | Dollar        | 100$      | Timestamp
2  | ClientB  | Rupees        | 1500Rs    | Timestamp

I am trying query like "Select Currency Type, Sum(Sales Amt) from Table where Date between start and End group by Currency Type"

But i want to first calculate All Rupees amt first and then merge them with Dollar type. Sum(Sales Amt)*45(Conversion rate) where currency='rupees"

So in Result ill get only one Currency Type that is Dollar Amt so i can display reports on that basis.

Can it be possible? pls any one help me making this kind query or any otherway out.


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You can use a searched CASE statement to determine for each record if you need to convert it to dollars or not.

SELECT  SUM(CASE [Currency Type]
              WHEN 'Rupees' THEN [Sales Amt] * 45
              WHEN 'Dollar' THEN [Sales Amt]
              WHEN 'Other'  THEN [Sales Amt] * ???
              ELSE [Sales Amt]
FROM    Table
WHERE   Date BETWEEN Start and End
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    thank you so much – Naal Mar 2 '12 at 10:58

Create a table CurrencyConvertTable with following table structure and data

| CurrencyType | CurrencyConvertRate |
| Dollar        | 1                  | 
| Rupees        | 45                 | 

Noq query like this..

Select CurrencyType
from MainTable mt
JOIN CurrencyConvertTable ct
  ON mt.CurrencyType = ct.CurrencyType
where Date between start and End 
group by CurrencyType

Best way to handle more currency types..


I would suggest an own table for the currency conversion factors.

conversion_id     source   target   factor
1                 Rupees   Dollar   45.0
2                 Dollar   Dollar   1.0

Now you can join the currency conversion table and calculate the sum dynamically without the use of a CASE WHEN END construct. It would be better if you also design a currency table and use only currency ids.

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