<p<ins style="background:#e6ffe6;">re><code</ins>>
int aint bint c<ins style="background:#e6ffe6;"></code></ins></p<ins style="background:#e6ffe6;">re</ins>><p>int d</p>

Html6 and Html7 is the same , just Html7 has "\n"

<p<ins style="background:#e6ffe6;">re><code</ins>>int a
int b
int c<ins style="background:#e6ffe6;">
</code></ins></p<ins style="background:#e6ffe6;">re</ins>>
<p>int d</p>

p_to_pre_code_pattern = re.compile(
<(?P<action_tag>(del|ins)) (?P<action_attr>.*)>re><code</(?P=action_tag)>
<(?P=action_tag) (?P=action_attr)>
<(?P=action_tag) (?P=action_attr)>re</(?P=action_tag)>

print re.match(p_to_pre_code_pattern,html6)    
print re.match(p_to_pre_code_pattern,html7)

both html6 and html7 will not match ? ,but if i replace the "\n" to "" , it will much both .

print re.match(p_to_pre_code_pattern,html6.replace("\n",""))    
print re.match(p_to_pre_code_pattern,html7.replace("\n",""))

I want to know how should I change the p_to_pre_code_pattern that I will match both html6 and html7 without calling replace("\n","")) ?

  • I'm not too up-to-date with web stuff but would beautiful soup not be the tool for this? – Jeff Mar 2 '12 at 16:36
  • You need to add whitespace to the pattern: This answer seems relevant. – ChrisP Mar 2 '12 at 16:47

Maybe you miss the re.DOTALL flag when call re.compile(..., re.VERBOSE|re.DOTALL)


Make the '.' special character match any character at all, including a newline;
without this flag, '.' will match anything except a newline.
  • yes , i found it , and i have add to this ,. will not match new line by default . – jianjun Mar 3 '12 at 16:05

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