I'd like to be able to list all currently active gesture recognizers (so I can temporarily disable them). Is this possible somehow?

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Use the UIView's gestureRecognizers property:

for (UIGestureRecognizer *recognizer in self.gestureRecognizers)
    //Do something with recognizer

More reading: UIView

  • Note: If looking for if they are in an active state (currently being utilized by user's finger), you can check: BOOL isGestureActive = (recognizer.state != 0); However you can get a false positive if .state is UIGestureRecognizerStatePossible. In which case you should then check .numberOfTouches != 0 Jun 25, 2018 at 18:42

You could have a bool for your class and set it to TRUE when the recognizers has permission to do stuff. When you want to disable them you can set the bool to FALSE in your recognizer methods. You just have to test if the bool is true or false before doing the stuff that you need to.


For some reasons this was hard for me to do in Swift so here is what ended up working.

var arrayOfGestureRecognizers: [UIGestureRecognizer] = self.topViewController.view.gestureRecognizers! as NSArray as [UIGestureRecognizer]

for item in arrayOfGestureRecognizers {
    println("Gesture Recognizer:\(item)")

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