I have an environment called doors and I would like to rename it to django for the virtualenvwrapper.

I've noticed that if I just rename the folder ~/.virtualenvs/doors to django, I can now call workon django, but the environment still says (doors)hobbes3@hobbes3.


You can use:

cpvirtualenv oldenv newenv
rmvirtualenv oldenv

So in your case:

cpvirtualenv doors django
rmvirtualenv doors

if you do:

$ ack-grep -ai doors ~/.virtualenvs/django/bin

you'll notice that will have doors as location and not django, you'll to change each file with the new location.

solution: after renamed the folder execute the command below.

$ sed -i "s/doors/django/g" ~/.virtualenvs/django/bin/*

now if you do:

$ workon django

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