metric_fu doesn't seem to be supported in the latest ruby kernel (1.9.2 | 1.9.3). Are there any gems which offer equivalent functionality.

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I'm the new maintainer of metric_fu and it should work now on ruby 1.9 without any problems. See configuration instructions at https://github.com/metricfu/metric_fu which include how you can have metric_fu load external coverage output (e.g. using simplecov)

Also, it works from the command-line now. Now need to bundle it or run rake or metrical


Checkout Metrical, last time I looked it still wasn't 100% but that was months ago.

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    as of 2012-04-26, the readme states that it is no longer being maintained saying "Warning: This gem is not being maintained anymore!" May 4, 2012 at 1:34

Ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3.2 metrics post by STEPAN BOLTALIN looks promising. His Roodi explanation may be key to it all.

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