I'm trying to set a different schema interface to a custom dexterity AddForm, but it is rendering the 'default' one, when I access the add form.

Here's my code:


class IMyType(form.Schema):

    """ interface for mytype schema
    title = schema.TextLine(

    description = schema.Text(
            title=_(u"little description"),

class IMyTypeAdd(IMyType):
    """ para formulario de add 
    title = schema.TextLine(
            title=_(u"Name for custom addform"),

class AddForm(dexterity.AddForm):

I can see that the add form interface is not used by seeing the title hint. Where is my error? Thanks!


I think the problem is the grok.context() statement. The context of an add form is not the type, it's the folder where the type is being added.

See http://plone.org/products/dexterity/documentation/manual/developer-manual/advanced/forms


  • that's True, thanks. – du2x Dec 5 '12 at 19:30

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