I am going to get a element from a html-string with jQuery, but I always get an undefined in my console. My String is:

<td class="test">asd</td><td class="second">fgh</td><td class="last">jkl</td>

and I want to get the td.test.

I've tested:

console.log($('.test', '<td class="test">asd</td><td class="second">fgh</td><td class="last">jkl</td>').innerHTML);
console.log($('.test', '<td class="test">asd</td><td class="second">fgh</td><td class="last">jkl</td>').html());
console.log($('.test', '<td class="test">asd</td><td class="second">fgh</td><td class="last">jkl</td>').first().innerHTML);

and some more, but nothing works :/

Does anyone know a solution for my problem?


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First, use jQuery.parseHTML to parse the HTML into an array of elements; then you’ll be able to convert it to a jQuery collection and use filter to restrict the collection to elements matching a selector.

var html =
    '<td class="test">asd</td>' +
    '<td class="second">fgh</td>' +
    '<td class="last">jkl</td>';

var text = $($.parseHTML(html)).filter('.test').text();

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>

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    parseHTML is no longer necessary, it will work without it (jQuery > 3.5)
    – Binar Web
    Apr 23, 2021 at 11:20

You can't use jQuery selectors on a collection of nodes like this. You can wrap in a single node to work around this, so just add e.g. a wrapping <tr> node.

var htmlBits = '<tr>'
  + '<td class="test">asd</td><td class="second">fgh</td><td class="last">jkl</td>'
  + '</tr>';

And then it will work:

console.log($('.test', htmlBits).text()); // outputs 'asd'

JSFiddle (remember to view the console to see the log).



console.log($('<td class="test">asd</td><td class="second">fgh</td><td class="last">jkl</td>').filter('.test').html());


console.log($('.test', '<table><td class="test">asd</td><td class="second">fgh</td><td class="last">jkl</td></table>').html());

I have a response that is of the form:




And @minitech 's method resulted in an array of HTML nodes in which the selector didn't work.

So I tried this and it worked out nice:

    success: function($data) {
         var $parsed_data = $('<div/>').append($data);
         var found = $parsed_data.find(".Selector");

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