I want to know how to automatically set all links to nofollow in Wordpress. Is there a WP Plugin that will make all my outbound links nofollow?

Help is greatly appreciated!


If you are make this change for SEO optimization, you can't make the change only with JS because the google bots don't read the content generated by Javascript.

But, you can add a filter in your function.php like this:

function rel_nofollow( $content ) {
    return preg_replace_callback( '/<a[^>]+/', 'rel_nofollow_callback', $content );
add_filter( 'the_content', 'rel_nofollow', 99999 );

function rel_nofollow_callback( $matches ) {
    $link = $matches[0];
    $exclude = '('. home_url() .'|http://([^.]+\.)?(wp.org|wp.com))';
    if ( preg_match( '#href=\S('. $exclude .')#i', $link ) )
        return $link;

    if ( strpos( $link, 'rel=' ) === false ) {
        $link = preg_replace( '/(?<=<a\s)/', 'rel="nofollow" ', $link );
    } elseif ( preg_match( '#rel=\S(?!nofollow)#i', $link ) ) {
        $link = preg_replace( '#(?<=rel=.)#', 'nofollow ', $link );

return $link;   

This function set all links into the post to the attribute: rel="nofollow", but, if you want change all the site maybe you must try with this plugin


Within WordPress you can select to open a link in a new window. When this is selected WordPress adds an attribute target="_blank". This is what I usually do with outbound links. If so you can use jQuery to add the attribute rel="nofollow" like this

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
   $('a[target="_blank"]').attr('rel', 'nofollow');

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