I’m using Leopard. I already tried QuickLook plugins like QuickPVR and PVRUncrush, and they don’t work, as in nothing happens when I QuickLook. Also TexturePacker wouldn’t install in Leopard.

Oh, the textures are compressed using PVRTexTool

Anyone with ideas? Please and thank you.

  • Isnt XCode showing them? In my setup XCode displays pvr files.
    – calimarkus
    Mar 6, 2012 at 12:16
  • xcode does, I'm using Unity, it shows it too, but I'm looking for a view for the Finder. thanks for the reply :) Mar 8, 2012 at 3:12

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I don't know about viewer tools, but since PVR is just a compression format, you could use the PVRTex lib from PowerVR (free if you register on their site) to quickly write your own tool that decompresses the file and shows it in a window.

Alternatively, there is KaniTexTool (https://github.com/KageKirin/KaniTexTool) that could be used as a base for such a viewer.

An other way would be an app on iPhone that reads in the file from a webserver and displays it without any decompression since the PVR format is natively supported.


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