I want to add a specific string at the beginning of each line in a file. So, if I have the below two lines in someFile.txt and want to add a date string 03/06/2012 with pipe-


I would have-


What would be the most efficient way to achieve this?

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$ awk '{print "03/06/2012|" $0;}' input.txt > output.txt

Takes about 0.8 seconds for a file with 1.3M lines on some average 2010 hardware.

sed -i 's/^/03\/06\/2012|/' input.txt
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    sed allows you to use any unused character instead of / as the field separator for of the s command. That way you don't need to mess with escaping the /'s in the date. e.g. sed -i 's#^#03/06/2012|#' input.txt Mar 27, 2014 at 22:18
  • Yes that's a better solution. We can use any character. Thank you!
    – SNathan
    Apr 10, 2014 at 17:38

Perl solution:

perl -ne 'print "03/06/2012|$_"' input.txt > output.txt

Just for fun, I benchmarked 10 runs in /tmp:

             Rate        awk perl_5.6.1        sed  perl_5.22  perl_5.20
awk        2.08/s         --       -10%       -10%       -26%       -32%
perl_5.6.1 2.32/s        11%         --        -0%       -17%       -24%
sed        2.33/s        12%         0%         --       -17%       -24%
perl_5.20  3.06/s        47%        32%        31%         9%         --

Tested using a 1.3M line input file created here:
perl -le 'while (1){exit if ++$n > 1300000; print $n}' > input.txt

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