Is it possible to add an external CSS file to a .pdf I am making with the library ITextSharp? To be clear I want to insert external CSS styling into a pdf I am MAKING not one that has already been made.

If not, is there a way I can apply CSS styling to my HTML I am inserting/converting to a .pdf? Maybe I can parse the external CSS file contents into a string then call a PDFDocument function that sets the body/global CSS, maybe something like document.setDocumentCSS(string);??

I guess what I am asking is: what are the easiest/most efficient ways to insert losts of CSS into a ITextSharp generated pdf?


As far as i know, you cannot use external CSS with itextSharp, instead you can use string builder and html to accomplish your results.

Check the following link :

Dynamically creating .pdfs under the ITextSharp Free Licence

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