This is my doubt : I have two classes A and B. I can write :

class A: public B  {....}

So an_instance_of_A could use B methods .

But I could write also:

class A {
B instance_B;

So an_instance_of_A could use instance_B methods. (that is, B methods).

I can do the same. What is best ? What is fast to compile ? Is it the same ? Thanks.


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you inherit when there is a "is-a" relationship. like between vehicle and car.

You use data member when there is a "contains" or "consist of" type of realtion. like class school consist of class teacher, class student etc


As said before, public inheritance should only be used if A is also a B (e.g. a Worker is also a Person).

Having an object instance inside the class is better for testing and encapsulation as long as it is not public. Please do not expose members as public except for PODs. This creates several problems (e.g. someone can easily break the integrity of your class)


public inheritance describes an is-a relationship. That is, anything you can do with B you can also do with A.

Public objects are something completely different and not that common. If A may have more than one B then you can not use inheritance, so use composition (member objects). If they should be public or not depends on A and B and how you want to use them.

EDIT, seem this question is a close match duplicate:

Prefer composition over inheritance?

As James said, compile time should not be a high priority when choosing between inheritance or composition except in special case.

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