The following is a snippet of a survey I would like to do on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

  • ${offer_text1} : ${offer_text2}
  • I'm aware of the product
    I'm NOT aware of the product
    1 2 3

    It shows up as two radio buttons to choose from and a drop down to choose a value from. I used a survey template. However, when I actually tried publishing it, a "submit" button showed up in the survey (notice I have not inserted it here) and the golden "submit hit" button from amazon is greyed out. Am I missing something obvious? Do I need to call GET/POST somewhere to post the results to amazon. Per the documentation, mturk should automatically get it for me. (I could be wrong here).

    Any help much appreciated.


    The MTurk Requester User Interface automatically wraps everything in a set of <form></form> tags. Undoubtedly, you've put an additional set of such tags nested in the HIT as well, which then causes the HIT to fail (i.e., to gray-out the submit button and make it impossible to submit).

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