I'm currently modifying a Java script in Rational Functional Tester and I'm trying to tell RFT to wait for an object with a specified set of properties to appear. Specifically, I want to wait until a table with X number of rows appear. The only way I have been able to do it so far is to add a verification point that just verifies that the table has X number of rows, but I have not been able to utilize the wait for object type of VP, so this seems a little bit hacky. Is there a better way to do this?



No, there is not a built-in waitForProperty() type of method, so you cannot do something simple like tableObject.waitForProperty("rowCount", x);

Your options are to use a verification point as you already are doing (if it ain't broke...) or to roll your own synchronization point using a do/while loop and the find() method.

The find() codesample below assumes that doc is an html document. Adjust this to be your parent java window.

TestObject[] tables = doc.find(atDescendant(".rowCount", x), false);

If you are not familiar with find(), do a search in the RFT API reference in the help menu. find() will be your best friend in RFT scripting.


You can do one thing.... you can try getting the particular property and check that you are getting the desired value of that. If not then iterate in a IF loop.

while (!flag) {
  if (obj.getproperty(".text").equals("Desired Text")) {
    flag = true

You can use:


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