How do I join two file paths in C#?


You have to use Path.Combine() as in the example below:

string basePath = @"c:\temp";
string filePath = "test.txt";
string combinedPath = Path.Combine(basePath, filePath); 
// produces c:\temp\test.txt
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    Its worth noting that if "filePath" contains an absolute path, Path.Combine returns only "filePath". string basePath = @"c:\temp\"; string filePath = @"c:\dev\test.txt"; /* for whatever reason */ string combined = Path.Combine(basePath, filePath); produces @"c:\dev\test.txt" – Jan 'splite' K. Aug 15 '13 at 11:28

System.IO.Path.Combine() is what you need.

Path.Combine(path1, path2);
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