I would like to access another collection from the map function, so that I can do a lookup on the key and perform some aggregations. Can I access any collection using db.collection_name or something similar in the BSON code?


If you try this locally it will work. However, this fails completely in a sharded scenario because the collection or the data in the collection will not be local to the shard.

It's also bad practice because the M/R can cause cascading queries that can be hard to trace.

If you are encountering this problem, you have a few optiosn:

  1. Denormalize the data: If map on collection A needs fields x,y,z from collection B, then copy those fields into A. Yes, it's not normalized, but MongoDB is not a relational database, it's not intended to be normalized.
  2. Multi-part M/R: In many cases you can accomplish the same result by performing a few different operations and writing the results to a single collection. So maybe you do a M/R on A first and then you loop through the output and update with data from B in a separate script/process.

I have seen both options used. I have even seen #2 converted into a simple for loop that handles both parts at the same time. I have successfully replaced some M/R jobs with simple for loops and upserts.

  • Also note that accessing another collection won't work even locally as of Mongo 2.4; the ability for a mapReduce to access other collections has been removed. See the release notes – jbyler Mar 10 '15 at 20:17

This is not possible because it would break in a sharded setup. Map/reduces can only use the collection they're invoked on.

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