I do not understand what the following line does in .vimrc

nmap <silent> <leader>v :EditConfig<cr>

It seems that

  • nmap mean noremap
  • silent seems to mean apparently no beep in Vim
  • leader seems to mean the first character in the mode :
  • v seems to mean visual mode
  • EditConfig should be a command in vim in the mode : (However, it is not.)

What does the line mean in .vimrc?

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  • nmap means "map a key sequence when in normal mode" (see vim's docs).
  • <silent> tells vim to show no message when this key sequence is used.
  • <leader> means the key sequence starts with the character assigned to variable mapleader -- a backslash, if no let mapleader = statement has executed yet at the point nmap executes.

And the v is the rest of the key sequence.

So overall this is mapping, in normal mode, a backslash-v key sequence to show no message and execute :EditConfig which is likely a function defined previously in the vimrc to edit configuration files (see for example this vimrc, search in browser for editconfig). :call EditConfig() at the end (as the vimrc file I gave the URL to uses) would be better, I believe.

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    @Alex: Thank you for your answer! I have the pieces of information now in my notebook, not to make the same mistakes again :) Jun 7, 2009 at 16:11
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    Why :call EditConfig() would be better than :EditConfig? :curious-n00b-face: Feb 12, 2016 at 18:33

It would appear that you are missing a function...


function! EditConfig()
    for config in ['$MYGVIMRC', '$MYVIMRC']
        if exists(config)
            execute 'edit '.config

Check this example.

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