I was very desparate to get an answer somewhere else, I hope somone can help me here. I am using JASFinder as uploader for CKEDITOR in my website.

I have one little but big problem. I am using the php connector and I have set the config.php as below:

$Config['UserFilesPath'] = SITE_URL.'/gallery/' ;      

SITE_URL is just a constant for

the problem is when I select the uploaded image with JASFinder in CKEDITOR, the path that will be returned always contains a dot (.) at its beggining, so I have to go into image properties and remove that dot from the url manually. so a returned url from jasfinder to ckeditor will be like .

I am wondering if somone knows the fix to remove that extra dot


Ok, I find the soloution, hope it will help others :P

Open the filemanager.jsin scripts folder of JASFinder, locate line number 509 you will find this line of code:

        Url : '.' + urlDir + filename,

The fix is just to remove that dot. this iwll be the result:

        Url : '' + urlDir + filename,

BUT! KCFinder is a much better alternative to JASFinder.

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