I have a NSPopupButton that displays a drop down menu when clicked. This menu is populated from an NSArray. Now if I click on one of the items in the drop down Menu, I can select it and determine what is selected etc. What I want to do is when the user clicks on the NSpopupbutton, update the drop down menu and then have the user pick one of the items. I am having trouble finding how to call a IBAction method when I simply select the drop down menu ( not clicking any one item in it). The clicking of an item in the menu results in an IBAction, but I want just the clicking of the down arrow in the NSPopupButton to trigger an action. Any ideas ? Thanks.


The NSPopupButton sends an NSPopUpButtonWillPopUpNotification when clicked. Have your controller object listen for that notification and respond by updating the dropdown menu.


The accepted answer worked, though now it's called NSPopUpButton.willPopUpNotification

In Swift 4.x, my code looked like:

                 selector: #selector(dropdownMenuOpened),
                 name: NSPopUpButton.willPopUpNotification,
                 object: nil)

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