Other than through redirection, which captures an entire session, is there a way to start and stop logging during an R session? To clarify, I am looking for something similar to the log using command in Stata.

  • I also think this is the dumbest question ever posted, but there isn't a "dumb-question" tag. – James Howard Mar 9 '12 at 15:33

Do you know about sink() in base R ?

There are also some logging packages on CRAN: logging, log4r and possibly more.

Lastly, Emacs user have ESS and its transcript mode. You can save your session as a log, and in general, the 'work from file and execute from the file' approach builds a (partial, commands-only) log as you work.

  • sink() was exactly what I was looking for, but completely unintuitively named. As I said in my comment, I know this is dumb. Thanks! – James Howard Mar 9 '12 at 15:46

For the sake of completing the answer using sink

# copy the log to a text file
Your R code(s) goes here
you can use a stored R code as well using source()
source("./XS_SPEC_CF.R",echo=T, max.deparse.length=1e3)
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    Since I need to do this quite often, I converted usct01's approach into a tiny function: source_with_log <- function(r_script, log_file) { sink(file = log_file) source(r_script, echo = TRUE) sink() } – der_grund Oct 26 '17 at 7:53

There's savehistory(file) which will write the entire history as plaintext, or, if you're trying to log output, use sink(file, split = TRUE).


In addition to the sink function you might also look at the txtStart and related functions in the TeachingDemos package or the similar functionality in the R2HTML package (which came first).

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