I know 2 now:

  1. http://heroku.com: Supports play1 and play2, has free plan.
  2. http://www.playapps.net: Supports play1, unknown play2, no free plan.

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There many options for deploying play framework applications on the cloud

Like codemwnci said, most of them work with a war deployment.

There are lots of options, and new ones come out every day...

Here's an article with a list of the Public and Private Cloud PaaS for java: http://cloud.dzone.com/articles/regarding-java-platforms

Regarding play 2 support, heroku provides native support and once war deployment is ready (is scheduled for next minor release) you'll be able to deploy to most of them. I managed to deploy a play2 app to openshift using the do-it-yourself cartridge, here's a screencast and a tutorial)

  • Let me just add, the PlayApps solution is not a cloud based one. You cannot scale up/down your server on the fly. – i.am.michiel Apr 26 '12 at 9:46
  • An awesome one is missing: Clever Cloud, a PaaS which auto-scales (vertical / horizontal). It supports Play 1 and 2 (Java and Scala flavours). (no free plan but you can try it for free) – urcadox Jun 13 '13 at 13:51
  • Just an update: CloudBees is shutting down its cloud hosting service – ps_ttf Sep 11 '14 at 8:21

At the present date, Heroku and Playapps are your options for native Play support. There is a new one being developed that will also support web sockets (called Incipit), currently in beta supports 2.0 natively through uploading a zip file from the dist commmand and 1.0 through exporting as a WAR and uploading.

Your other option is to use one of the many cloud platforms, but exporting your application as a WAR file. Not ideal, but it opens up options for the likes of CloudBees and OpenShift and many more. There is also an open community request to add Play support to OpenShift here.


Cloud Foundry now has support for play 2.0 as well. Haven't tried it though. See: http://blog.cloudfoundry.com/2012/05/31/cloud-foundry-now-supports-play/. By the way, Playapps stopped its services. It promotes Heroku on their website.


I am using DotCloud, which offers a free plan So far it looks good !

There is a module to make deployment easier for this platform.

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