I want to make a class called Series (containing episodes and information about this TV-series)

Then I have a

List<Series> series;

If I then want to loop over this collection I would want it to look like:

for (Series series : series) {}

How should I differentiate a single item of a series and a collection of series in a good way? Is it better to name it seriesCollection perhaps?

  • eclipse proposes series, and also listSeries. I prefer the second form but I don't think it's that important the way you name collections as long as 1) it's homogenic in all your code, 2) it shows some form of plural. – Snicolas Mar 10 '12 at 15:25

For tightly scoped variables, it is ok to just call it s.

for (Series s : series) {}


I would name the single one in your case 'nextSeries' or 'currentSeries'


One of the following three:

  1. find a more descriptive name for your list. Maybe seriesOfTheYear or channelsSeries

  2. find a more descriptive name for your series. Maybe currentSeries

  3. if only used in extremely tight scop (like a single line or two) call the single seris just s

Of course you can combine the options in various ways


I think you can use the this keyword in this situation. this.series always refer to the class field variable.

for (Series series : this.series) {}

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